A special thanks to "AutobotC5" for his assistance with the original incarnation of C.O.P.S. HQ, and for driving me to create this site as well. Couldn't have done it without you, bro!!

August 22, 2007 - Added a poll in the forums about hosting the comics on the site. Is this something you want to see? Vote in our poll!

Also, forum member Sturm316 has been awesome enough in the past to sell recorded copies of nearly the entire COPS Series on DVD. Several of us have bought these great DVD's from him in the past. Well, we have learned that his master copies are damaged! He needs our help replacing his DVD's. Can anyone help? Check out this thread and let him know if he can get some copies back from you...let's repay his generosity!

August 2, 2007 - Some board modifications have been installed to cut down on spambots and fake members. We are also hoping to get some more content on the site in the near future. Thanks for your patience!

Also, devoted COPS fans and forum members CrazyHarp81602 and davewriter have been working hard trying to get COPS cartoons released on DVD. Check out their online petitions here and here and lets all do our part to help out!

April 13, 2007 - Wow, how long has it been? A reeaalll long time! Just a quick news update. Wizard Universe has posted a terrific 3 Page article/interview on the COPS toys. It's a great read, featuring some never before seen art by Bart Sears. Click here to check it out!

June 6 , 2006 - No, you're not dreaming! There's a site update! ;) Updated the Episode Guide with two more episodes of the Cartoon, and I'm working on some more content as we speak...

March 9, 2006 - Still working on the cartoon episode database, but while that's in progress, added a couple of links to the Links Page!

March 3, 2006 - So the DVD set has hit store shelves! You know what that means...time for the cartoon section to kick off!

Fortunately, I've actually gotten a great DVD set from one of our forum members, so I have nearly every episode in animated form at this point, and I've got a little update done to our episode guide. The guide itself is organized in Air Date order (except for the COPS Case File #1, which I just HAD to put first. ;) ). I've got the first 5 episodes posted now, in the guide. Please check it out and let me know what else you'd like to see.

February 27 , 2006 - Big news first! Tomorrow is launch day for the new C.O.P.S. DVD from Shout Factory! 4 Disc DVD set... here are a few useful links for you:

TV Show on DVD Listing
Amazon Pre-Order (soon to be order)
DVD Planet

Because of this (and because of another source as well...) the COPS cartoon section has started coming together. Nothing posted yet, but I'm currently working on episode synopsis, screen grabs, possibly even movie clips! Stay tuned!

I'm also still working on the review section, and hope to have the entry for the COPS Ironsides transport shortly!

January 15 , 2006 - Work behind the scenes continues on the archive...and the countdown continues to the C.O.P.S. DVD Release! 22 Episodes on a 4 DVD set, coming in Feburary...once that hits, expect our cartoon section to explode.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a cartoon fix, member of our forum Evebird has a site called the C.O.P.S. Cel Block which has animation Cels from the C.O.P.S. series! He has a few already posted and many more to come. Definitely check it out.

January 02 , 2006 - Happy new year everyone! Hope 2005 was great for you and here's hoping 2006 is even better. Celebrate the new year by checking out the new archive entries:

COPS Pursuit Jet
Crooks Dragster

We also have reviews up for:

COPS Pursuit Jet
Crooks Dragster

I believe that completes the archive, for the most part! We are still working on putting up MOC images for all COPS and Crooks as well...still a few more reviews to go, and once the DVD comes out, Cartoon content will skyrocket! Thanks for your support, and please feel free to check out our message board!

December 28 , 2005 - We have an update on the upcoming DVD, thanks to evebird who posted the news on our forums.

Shout! Factory has offered a press release in regards to the upcoming DVD, and tvshowsondvd.com covers it here.

It boils down to 22 Episodes on 4 discs, the PSA's, and some other interesting conceptual art items and such. Coming out February 26th and retailing for $34.98. Let's get out there and support the DVD in hopes that we see the rest of the episodes released in similar format!

December 16 , 2005 - Happy Holidays, everyone, we now have a message board! Swing by the new COPS Dispatch Center, introduce yourself, and start some conversation! See you there.

November 28 , 2005 - Well believe it or not, we already have an update! My main man C5 came through and got me some info from the last webhost, and I uploaded the following:

Air Raid Archive
Ironsides Archive
A.T.A.C. Archive

Also updated pics and info in a ton of other figure archives, including some missing accessory pics, funky cardart pics, etc... Another buddy of mine Russ came through in a big way, too, with a load of pseudo MOC pics (I say pseudo because most of the pics are actually of loose figs and cut blister cards made to look like MOC figs just to get the effect), and I'll try getting those up pronto as well. The updates will keep on coming!

November 28 , 2005 - Welcome to the new C.O.P.S. HQ! I've been a fan of the Hasbro COPS (Central Organization of Police Specialists) since their release in 1988, and am now finally getting the site re-launched. My goal is simply to make this the "one-stop shop" for C.O.P.S. enthusiasts and a place for people to come to check out all of the toys, comics, etc... that we all know and love. Please feel free to drop me a line if there's something you feel should be on the site that isn't, or if you have some neat little goodie that I do not have posted.

The sections are all formatted to go, there are still a few entries that need tweaking, though. The Archive is 90% complete, only missing some vehicles, and the same goes for the reviews. If by chance you have items that I don't have entries for yet, please let me know! I've got an entire C.O.P.S. collection, but it is in an ongoing state of completeness, meaning, there are still some holes that need filling, and thus the archive and review entries are not done yet.

Please check out the site and let me know what you think! Submission and link exchanges are always welcome!