Name: Buttons McBoomBoom (Real Name unknown)

History: Not much is known about the mystery man known to both criminals and police alike as "Buttons McBoomBoom". Cool as a cucumber, but as deadly as a wild tiger, McBoomBoom has swiftly become one of the most prolific hitmen in Empire City, and is almost permenantly on Big Boss' payroll. He takes a sinister pride in doing his job right and cuts no corners to make sure he gets his paycheck.

Distinguishing Features: Subject is often seen wearing a red suit and fedora to hide his grizzled features. He also has had twin machine guns surgically implanted into his chest cavity, but the actual extent of the depth of his mechanics is not yet known. He also carries around a violin case pretty much everywhere he goes, although he is not known to be a music lover. Approach with extreme caution!

The Cartoon
The Comic