Name: Ms. Demeanor (real name unknown)

History: Ms. Demeanor is another mystery, but what is very well known is she is about as evil and menacing as one can get, with features to match. She is almost inhumanly powerful and strong with a deceptive right hook and a body packed with muscle. Along with this muscle is a conniving, dispicable attitude that gives her the contempt of both the law enforcement personnel and even her fellow Crooks. Big Boss does not trust her, but she does her job well, and so far is on his good side.

Distinguishing Features: Ms. Demeanor is a very large woman with bulging biceps and a face full of hate. She often wears a long red dress, but do not be deceived by her feminine appearence, she is evil, cutt-throat, and downright mean. Even through the long dress you can see her muscles rippling with an almost inhuman power and she is unbelievably strong and quick. Even if she is unarmed, her body must be considered a deadly weapon!

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